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Lawyers-Mexico.org is a part of BridgeWest®, an international legal network of lawyers and consultants.

Our clients received excellent assistance from Lawyers-Mexico.org with respect to the business registration process, but also in immigration matters. We appreciate the collaboration with the team. We recommend Lawyers-Mexico.org to all foreign investors.

Paul Gheorghiu, company formation specialist – Sig Fiduciaire 

The professionals at Lawyers-Mexico.org provide excellent business formation services at extremely affordable costs. Without a doubt, we recommend them. The guidance they provided and the responses to our inquiries have been very helpful and we want to thank them for their promptness.

Michał Gawlak, Attorney-at-law at CGO Legal Counseling (lawyerspoland.eu)

Lawyers-Mexico.org is one of the most reliable members of BridgeWest, and we are glad to work with them. They have some of the best services in Mexico. We advise anyone who wishes to open a company or who needs other types of legal services to contact Lawyers-Mexico.org.

Vlad Cuc, Director of BridgeWest (bridgewest.eu)

We received assistance from Lawyers-Mexico.org in finding solutions to our inquiries regarding the process of registering a firm. We encourage anyone interested in starting a business here to make use of their services, as this team is very professional.

Mihai Cuc, Partner of MHC Law Firm (www.RomanianLawOffice.com)

The staff at Lawyers-Mexico.org responded to our inquiries quite quickly. This law firm has impressed us through its experienced professionals and reliability. We recommend them to anyone in need of guidance on numerous legal issues.

Francesco Dagnino, Partner of Lexia Avvocati (www.LawyersItaly.eu)