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Immigrate to Mexico from South Africa

Immigrate to Mexico from South Africa

Individuals who wish to immigrate to Mexico from South Africa are required to obtain the right type of visa. In this case, they may apply directly for a permanent residence visa with the Mexican Embassy in South Africa. However, for many, their relocation process can start with an employment opportunity, a situation in which they will first apply for work visa, followed by temporary residence and then permanent residence. Those who want to spend vacations in Mexico without carrying out paid activities can apply for a Mexico tourist card, which is also called Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM). FMM is required for certain citizens who want to relocate to Mexico from South Africa. Besides South Africa, there are some other countries whose citizens must obtain FMM for entrance in Mexico. With a Mexico tourist card and South African passport, one can stay for 180 days in this country.

Determining the motive for the prolonged stay in Mexico is the first step of the visa application as the required documents, and some of the fees that are payable with the Embassy, will depend on this.

In this article, our lawyers in Mexico highlight the main requirements for the types of visas that allow holders to remain in the country, essentially to immigrate to Mexico from South Africa.

If you want to start a business after relocation to Mexico, you can rely on our lawyers. They will provide you with information about the business structures available in this country. You can also get their assistance in obtaining business licenses and permits.

For more information, as well as personalized answers to issues that may not be covered in this article, please feel free to reach out to our immigration attorneys.

Types of permits in Mexico

The General Law of Population in Mexico sets out the rights and duties of the foreigners and statutes associated with foreign immigration. If you wish to immigrate to Mexico from South Africa, you must know that there are two kinds of permits for you; the immigrant permit and the non-immigrant permit. An immigrant permit is for individuals who want to relocate to Mexico from South Africa to gain long-term permanent residence. In contrast, the non-immigrant permit is for those who just wish to immigrate to Mexico for a specific purpose with the intent to leave it as soon as the work is done.

If you need to learn more about these permits before moving to Mexico from South Africa, you can rely on our seasoned lawyers. Furthermore, if you want to obtain citizenship by investment, you can rely on the legal services of lawyers at our law office in Mexico. They will provide you with updated information regarding citizenship by investment in this country.

The long-term visa for Mexico

This type of visa can be suitable for those who are taking the first step towards their relocation to Mexico, however, it is not yet permanent. It can be used by those who will be in the country for more than 180 days in a 12-month period for professional or investment activities as well as artistic ones or for those who wish to retire to Mexico.

The main issue to consider is that the visa application is made in person at the Consular Section. The main documents are the following:

  • ID: the passport, original and one photocopy of the page containing personal details; alternatively, for non-South African citizens, proof of legal residency in the country;
  • Financial records: original copy of the last twelve months of the bank statements, the last twelve months of the payslips and the employment letter; international credit card statements can also be required;
  • Invitation letter: when the individual travels to the country at the invitation of a company, organization or association;
  • Others: consular fee payment as well as one passport-size photograph are required. Besides helping you with relocation to Mexico from South Africa, our lawyers can also assist you in other matters. If you are interested in acquiring Mexican citizenship, please keep in mind that applicants must pass a test to demonstrate their command of the Spanish language, knowledge of the country’s history, and cultural integration in Mexico. If you need comprehensive information about the test, get in touch with our immigration lawyers.

A separate temporary residence visa is in place for students who have been admitted at Mexican educational institute or University, such as the National Polytechnic Institute, Instituto Politécnico Nacional. The original acceptance letter presented for the visa application needs to include the level of study or the degree, the field or program of study, its length and tuition fee as well as complete information about the institution.

The permanent residence visa to immigrate to Mexico from South Africa

The permanent residence visa is the chosen type for those who move to Mexico in order to remain in the country indefinitely.

The main document requirements are the following:

  1. Application form: this is filled in with the applicant’s details and it is submitted in person, along with the documents listed below, at the Consular Section;
  2. Identification document: this Is the valid passport, provided both in original and in one color copy of the page listing the personal details;
  3. Photograph: that observes the requirements for a passport size, color, white background and no glasses;
  4. Financial records: the last twelve months, issued by the financial institution (must bear the stamp of the bank); applicants can also submit other documents to prove their financial position, such as proof of owning a company;
  5. others: consular fee payment proof; other documents may be required by the authorities.

Additional details about the visa application

South African citizens who apply for a tourist, business or transit visa are not subject to an application fee, however, this is required for the long-term visa which is of interest to those who wish to immigrate to Mexico from South Africa.

Some of the main visa fees are the following:

  • $36 for the temporary residence visa;
  • $40 for the levied machine-readable visa;
  • $231 for visitors with an authorization for lucrative activities.

Please keep in mind that these consular fees were available at the time this article was written and they may be subject to change at any time. Our attorneys in Mexico can help you with updated information as well as details about other costs.

You can reach out for more details about our services and for more information on how to immigrate to Mexico from South Africa. Our law office in Mexico offers complete immigration services according to the purpose of the stay and any individual particularities (such as relocating with the family or starting the relocation process as part of family reunification). 

Immigration statistics in Mexico

If you immigrate to Mexico from South Africa, you must know that the immigration statistics of this country are increasing. After Brazil and Argentina, Mexico is the third-largest country in Latin America, and expats are looking to relocate here for better life opportunities. Please find below the immigration statistics of Mexico:

  • In 2000, Mexico welcomed 538,051.00 immigrants;
  • In 2005, the number of immigrants in Mexico became 712,487.00;
  • In 2010, the population of immigrants in Mexico raised to 969,538.00;
  • In 2015, the number of immigrants in Mexico was 1,193,155.00.

Contact our attorneys in Mexico for their legal services. They can help you to relocate to Mexico from South Africa by assisting you throughout the relocation process. After relocation, you can also get details from our lawyers about residency. Please note that anyone planning to stay in Mexico for more than six months, regardless of the length of stay or the reason for migration, requires both a resident card and a resident visa. Foreign nationals who wish to live permanently in Mexico must obtain a Mexican permanent resident card. So, if you want to know how to apply for a residence permit in Mexico, please contact our lawyers.