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Obtain Permanent Residence in Mexico

Obtain Permanent Residence in Mexico

If you are interested in immigration to Mexico in 2024, you must get a resident visa. There are several ways through which a residence permit can be obtained. These options also influence the duration of time you need to live in Mexico to become a permanent resident.

If you are interested in obtaining a Mexican green card in 2024, you can get in touch with our law firm. Our Mexican lawyers can assist you with visa-related legal matters.

 Quick Facts  
  Permanent residence permit types 

Work visa

Business visa

Family visa

Time needed to obtain Permanent residence permit (approx.)

10 – 15 working days

Permanent residence permit validity

 Unlimited validity
Documents for obtaining Permanent residence 

Completed and signed Mexico Visa Application Form
Passport along with photocopies of the relevant pages
Passport-size picture with a white background 
Visa fee payment
Booked flight ticket

Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register) National Registry of Population and Personal Identification’s General Office
Dependents can join the Permanent permit holder (Yes/No)


Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes 

Once you have an investor visa in Mexico, you can apply for permanent residency.  

Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence   180 days
Naturalization requirements  Legal residency in Mexico for at least five years
Citizenship after permanent residence After five years of residency in Mexico

The main types of residence permits for foreigners in Mexico

People who decide to immigrate to Mexico have two options in terms of visas. These are divided into:

  • non-immigrant permits that are meant for those who plan to enter Mexico temporarily and then leave;
  • immigrant permits are meant for those who want to settle in Mexico permanently.

You may apply to become a Mexican resident if you meet some of the requirements:

  • Your family is close in Mexico;
  • You have found a job in Mexico;
  • You plan to take your retirement in Mexico;
  • You begin studying at a Mexican educational institution.

If you are a non-native, you can obtain temporary residency in Mexico when you are employed, you have a family member who lives in Mexico as a resident, or begin your studies in Mexico. The temporary resident card issued by Mexico lasts for a year at first and is valid for a maximum period of four years. After that, the applicant can apply for Mexican green card residency.

Our lawyers in Mexico can advise on the type of permit you can apply for in accordance with your plans.

Who can apply for a Mexico resident visa?

The following is a list of people who can apply for permanent residency in Mexico:

  • Investors: if you want to invest your money, you may get a residency permit. You can invest in various areas, such as services or industries. Our attorneys can assist you with the investment procedure necessary to gain permanent residence in Mexico;
  • Well-known individual: if you are a scientist, humanist, researcher, artist, journalist, sportsman, or any other prominent person with international prestige, you can get residency in Mexico;
  • Professionals: you can get your certifications verified by the Mexican consulate in your country if you are a certified professional. You can apply for a Mexico resident visa if the Embassy agrees;
  • Retirees: if you do not intend to work and receive income overseas, you can apply for permanent residency. However, your income and assets must fulfill the Mexican government’s financial requirements. 

If you are a student, technician, or have family ties to this country, you may be eligible for permanent residence in Mexico. You can rely on the legal services offered by our immigration lawyers in Mexico if you are interested in acquiring a residence permit in this country.  The residente temporal permit allows you to stay in Mexico for up to 4 years if you only plan to do so temporarily. Foreign nationals with the goal to live in Mexico continuously (and indefinitely) are granted permanent residence visas. If you want to immigrate to Mexico to get temporary or permanent residence, get in touch with our lawyers. 

Here is also an infographic on this topic:

Applicant categories for Mexico residency visas

This section outlines the typical circumstances of those seeking residence permits in Mexico. In addition, you can learn more about the main ways to get legal residency on Experience. Our immigration lawyers in Mexico can offer more information on this aspect.

Retirees / independent income

Suppose you plan to participate in “non-remunerative activities” (i.e., you do not intend to make cash from Mexico), and you are receiving money from abroad. In that case, you are eligible to apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit if you meet the requirements. Feel free to address our immigration lawyers in Mexico for details.


You may be granted a residence permit if you are looking to invest your money in Mexico in 2024. Your investment may target services or industries and must be at least a certain amount.


If you are a certified professional, you can get your certifications validated by the Mexican Consulate in your country of residence and then apply for an immigration visa to stay in Mexico and apply for residency here. If you are under the age of 18, and your parent is already a permanent resident, you can apply for permanent residency through them at the INM. As a parent, you can get it if you have a child who is a permanent resident. You are welcome to consult about the requirements from our lawyers. They can also practically assist you in applying for a residency permit in Mexico.

Professionals in science or technology

Suppose you are a certified scientist or technician. In that case, Mexico offers a category of visas that allows you to reside and work in Mexico under the sponsorship of an overseas business. However, the company must pay for the entirety of your earnings and expenses during your time living in Mexico.

Prominent person

To apply for this visa, applicants must be recognized as having a national or international reputation or be a notable person, for example, scientist, researcher, athlete. Each application is assessed individually, and admission is subject to the discretion of the Interior Ministry. Other situations include students as well as people with relatives in Mexico.

How to obtain Mexican residency through employment

You can enter Mexico, obtain a temporary resident card, and engage in paid activities with a temporary resident visa with work permit.

The company in Mexico must first make a direct request to the National Migration Institute for all temporary resident visas with work permits. A work visa can only be applied for by employers who are registered with the Institute. As a foreigner, you cannot apply for this visa on your own.

After the request has been approved by the Migration Office and a Unique Processing Number (NUT) has been granted, you need to get in touch with the embassy or schedule a consular interview. A work permit along with a temporary resident visa will be issued following a successful consular interview.

You can consult for more information on this option for immigration to Mexico with our local lawyers.

Documents required to obtain Mexican permanent residency based on family reunion

Depending on the way you have relocated to Mexico, the documents required to obtain a permanent residence card can differ. When it comes to family reunions, the paperwork is covered by various scenarios. However, generally speaking, the following documents are required for all Mexican permanent resident applicants:

  • original and copies of the birth certificate;
  • a marriage certificate or other document attesting to a common-law partnership or other relationship with a Mexican citizen in line with the laws in effect in the country where the legal act was performed;
  • original and copy of the child’s Mexican birth certificate, if the applicant is the parent of a citizen of Mexico.

If the family member moving to Mexico will join as a permanent resident, the documents required are slightly different. These include:

  • the applicant’s original and a copy of the birth certificate;
  • a marriage certificate or other document attesting to a civil-law union or other relationship with a foreign national holding a Mexican permanent resident card;
  • a valid visa for permanent residence, both the original and a copy can also be used by the Mexican resident.

Additionally, the Mexican resident must provide evidence of sufficient funds to support each member of their family while they are in the country. This can be done by providing original and photocopies of investment receipts or bank account statements that show an average monthly balance of USD 2,053 over the previous 12 months.  It is also customary to provide original and photocopies of documentation proving the applicant is employed or has a pension with a monthly income that is greater than USD 2,053 for the past 6 months. These amounts are available for the year 2024.

Feel free to address our law office in Mexico City for support in applying for residency. We can also assist if you want to apply for Mexican citizenship.

Application procedure for a permanent resident visa in Mexico

It is necessary to apply for a Mexican permanent resident visa at the National Immigration Institute upon arrival in Mexico. However, before that, you need to apply for a permanent resident visa at a Mexican Embassy in your country according to your traveling. The procedure to apply for a permanent resident visa for Mexico is like this:

  • Contact the Mexico Embassy to make an appointment;
  • Fill out your Mexico visa application form. The form is available online which you can find on-site at the Mexico Embassy, where you will submit your application;
  • Take the necessary documents;
  • Fill out your application online and make payment for the fee. On the date you have scheduled, you will be required to provide your biometrics. In addition, you might be required to attend an interview;
  • The visa needs to be approved;
  • Take the passport. If your application is accepted, your visa is added to your ticket;
  • When you have a permanent resident visa approved, you can apply for entry into the country.

You are welcome to interact with the skilled lawyers located at our law office in Mexico City for any additional details in this regard. You can also rely on our lawyers if you are planning to apply for residency in Mexico.

Submit your application along with the visa fee. You will give your biometrics and may also have to enter an interview on your appointment date. Please wait for the visa to be completed after this step and pick up your passport. The Embassy will stamp your passport with a visa if your application is granted. You can enter the state with this visa, but you must seek to change your permanent resident visa into a Mexican permanent resident card within 30 days. It is required since the visa itself does not enable you to stay in Mexico for an extended period; however, the resident card does.

It costs 6,226 Mexican pesos to exchange a permanent resident visa for a permanent resident card. This fee can change, and it is advisable to reach out to our team in order to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on the requirements and fees for exchanging your visa for a permanent resident card.

Our knowledgeable attorneys can also assist you with your plans to relocate to Mexico. In addition, our attorneys will also help you acquire permanent residence in Mexico.  Please keep in mind, that those citizens (of Mexican nationality) who have specific rights and duties to the state are awarded citizenship. According to Article 34 of the Constitution, citizens of Mexico are individuals who have reached the age of 18 and live an honest lifestyle. If you want to apply for Mexican citizenship, you must fulfill the criteria. Our lawyers can offer you information about the requirements for acquiring citizenship in this country. One of the basic requirements for becoming a Mexican citizen is to first become a permanent resident and then stay for at least five years. While there are certain mitigating situations, such as claiming nationality via your parents or marrying a Mexican citizen, it is practically hard to gain citizenship without first demonstrating residence. So, if you need help applying for citizenship in Mexico, get help from our lawyers.

Fast ways to get a Mexican green card

You may be eligible to apply for a Mexican green card permanent resident visa when you meet any of these criteria:

  • You are retired and want to stay in Mexico forever, without income or employment Mexico (Mexico retirement visa);
  • You have family members close to you in Mexico;
  • If you have a child who belongs to or was a Mexican citizen or permanent resident;
  • You are a young person or adolescent, and you have parents who are Mexican citizen or permanent residents;
  • You are a young person or adolescent with an adult step-parent who is a Mexican citizen or permanent resident;
  • Siblings of one Mexican national or permanent resident;
  • You have lived in Mexico for a minimum of four years and have a temporary residence card;
  • You have lived within Mexico for a minimum of two years and have a temporary residence card granted based on union with Mexican citizens or permanent residents.

Besides acquiring Mexican green card, if you need legal assistance in any other matter, you can get in touch with our lawyers. They can further help you in your Mexican citizenship application process.

Mexico permanent resident card validity

The permanent residence permit in Mexico offers the same benefits to the residency cardholder as to the actual citizen, excluding the right to vote. In addition, you do not need to renew your Mexican permanent residence card because it is granted permanently. If you have this card, you can enter and depart Mexico as many times as you like.

Upon arrival in Mexico, you must submit an application for a Mexican resident card at the National Immigration Institute (Instituto Nacional de Migracion, or INM). The permanent resident card for Mexico is valid for an indefinite period. Therefore, it does not have to be renewed every few years like the temporary resident card. In 2024, the first temporary permit is issued only for a year, which costs 5,108 Mexican pesos. 

In addition, you are welcome to get the legal support of our experienced lawyers if you are interested in opening a company in this country.

Time frame to get a Mexican green card

1 to 10 days at the Mexican Consulate. After approval of the visa through the Mexican Consulate, the procedure to obtain the Mexican green card at the appropriate Mexico Instituto Nacional De Migracion (INM) Immigration office closer to your address could take anywhere between 1 and 30 days.

Here is our video on residency in Mexico:

Fees for Mexican green card and visa

Please remember that the visa fee may vary somewhat based on your home country. Furthermore, payment methods may differ; certain Mexican embassies may need a bank transfer, while others may require payment in cash. Fees for a Mexican green card and visa are shown below:

  • The visa fee is about US$36;
  • Once you enter the country, you have to apply for a Mexican green card. You need to use it at the National Immigration Institute and pay a fee of about US$250;
  • While applying for a Mexican visa, you will be required to pay a fee of $51 as service charges, to learn more about service charges or any additional fees, get in touch with our law firm in Mexico.

According to the most recent data:

  • in the first half of 2023, there were around 62,000 temporary residents in Mexico;
  • this transformed it into the most popular residency category for foreign nationals in the Latin American state;
  •  additionally, 3,165 cross-border laborers were also registered in Mexico during the same period of time;
  • the number of permanent residents registered in Mexico in the first half of 2023 was 36,862.

Contact our law firm for any legal assistance you need for obtaining permanent residence in Mexico in 2024.