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About us

Lexidy Law Boutique SLP has a team of experienced lawyers in Mexico who can provide to nationals and foreigners complete legal services at the time of business formation in this country. Our team of advisors are specialized in corporate and commercial laws in Mexico and can provide entrepreneurs with the necessary information and guidance for a proper implementation of their activities. We can help you in matters like:

  •  company registration in Mexico with the authorities in charge;
  •  applying for special licenses and permits for your business;
  •  company litigation, company liquidation, and business management;
  •  tax advice and tax compliance;
  •  debt collection in Mexico;
  •  applying and obtaining the visas and the residence permits for foreigners with the help of our immigration lawyers in Mexico;
  •  marriage and divorce matters.

Opening a business in Mexico

The registration process of a company in Mexico can be entirely supervised by our team of immigration lawyers in Mexico who can help you apply for an investment visa for setting up a business. We can also act on behalf of your firm as legal representatives.

Debt collection in Mexico

If you own a company in Mexico and you want to collect the debts from collaborators or related partners, please feel free to address to our team of advisors who can manage the procedures in this situation.

Applying for visas in Mexico

Foreigners interested in immigration to Mexico as business persons need to apply for specific visas. We can manage the application process for visas in Mexico, and we can help you obtain the necessary residence in this country. All the legal concerns can be explained by our Mexican lawyers.

Company litigation in Mexico

Our team of attorneys in Mexico can help investors and business persons deal with the litigation processes from a legal point of view. We have a large experience in company litigation cases in Mexico and we can handle such matters for the best possible result.

Please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Mexico and solicit complete legal services if you want to start a business or you are interested in immigration to Mexico.