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Obtain Citizenship in Mexico

Obtain Citizenship in Mexico

If you are a foreigner interested in obtaining Mexican citizenship in 2022, you do not need to worry about renouncing your previous one. Because dual citizenship in Mexico is allowed, you can become a citizen of this country and your home country at one time without leaving any of these. If you were born in Mexico or have a Mexican parent in a foreign country, you might already be a Mexican citizen. If you are unable to claim your citizenship on behalf of birth, you can switch to the naturalization process.

You are welcome to get in touch with our experienced lawyers in Mexico. They will provide you with thorough guidance regarding citizenship in Mexico and its benefits.

You can also interact with our lawyers if you want to obtain citizenship by investment in Mexico.

Citizenship by naturalization

There are several methods by which you can get naturalized citizenship in Mexico in 2022. It may include meeting residency timelines, marriage, family ties, and cultural integration, etc.  However, Mexican residence permits come with their own benefits. Except for the right to vote, a permanent resident card confers to its possessor privileges comparable to those of a citizen of Mexico. With a Mexican permanent resident card, you do not need to obtain a work permit to be able to work. Applying for free health insurance is possible. You may learn more about the Mexican healthcare system and expat health insurance from our lawyers. 

The process of acquiring citizenship might be lengthy and it is hard for a layperson to comply with the rules and regulations, so it is recommended to obtain legal services for a quick procedure. Our attorneys in Mexico can help you understand all the Mexican rules so that you do not encounter any trouble in the procedure. It is also necessary that you know the history and the national culture of the country. The concerned authorities will also run a criminal background check on you. In addition to all these requirements, you will be required to pass a test about the culture and history; however, you may only be required to have an interview if you are above sixty years. If you want permanent residence in this country, you can consider applying for an immigrant permit.

If you need assistance regarding preparing your test for obtaining citizenship in Mexico, you can rely on the legal backing of our lawyers. After acquiring Mexican citizenship, you can get legal assistance from our lawyers if you want to start a business in this country. Being new to the Mexican business market might cause trouble for you, but with the legal support of our lawyers, you can flourish your business.

Benefits of naturalized citizenship

If in 2022 you have already been living in Mexico with no intention of returning to your home country, you can get citizenship in this country. The Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores handles the process of citizenship in Mexico. The citizenship comes with the following benefits:

  • You get the right to vote;
  • You can buy property in the restricted area;
  • You get priority at airport immigration;
  • You can change your job or residence without informing the immigration authorities;
  • You do not need to renew your temporary residency anymore.

If you want all these benefits after acquiring citizenship, it is necessary to be aware of some things. To apply for citizenship, you need to prove legal residency in Mexico for at least five years. However, if you have a Mexican spouse or child, you only need to demonstrate legal residence of two years. Furthermore, you cannot stay outside Mexico for more than 180 days in the two years before your application. If you have further questions regarding the requirements for obtaining Mexican citizenship, you can get guidance from legal persons. Our seasoned lawyers in Mexico City can help you understand the whole set of citizenship requirements in this country. Furthermore, if you need help choosing an appropriate visa before immigrating to Mexico, consult with our lawyers. You must apply in person for your visa(s). But you may engage a representative to assist you and handle the appointment setting, paperwork, and filing on your behalf. Our immigration Mexican lawyers can offer you their services in this regard.

Foreign direct investment in Mexico

Besides naturalizing, Mexico also offers citizenship by investment. The Mexican authorities receive a tremendous response from individuals regarding investment. Furthermore, countries like the United States, Japan, Germany, and Canada also invest in this country. Please find below the foreign direct investment (FDI) in Mexico for the year 2020:

  • The FDI inflow was USD 29,079 million;
  • The FDI stock was USD 596,826 million;
  • The number of greenfield investments was 302;
  • The value of greenfield investments was USD 13,659 million.

Contact our lawyers if dual citizenship in Mexico attracts you. They will help you throughout the process of obtaining citizenship in this country in 2022. In general, both land law and blood law serve as the foundation for Mexican citizenship. The Mexican Constitution also makes a distinction between Mexican nationals and citizens. A person can become a citizen of Mexico either by birth or naturalization, as stated in Article 30 of the Mexican Constitution. For more information about acquiring Mexican citizenship, you can consult with our lawyers.

Furthermore, you are facing any issues in Mexico like debt collection, you can also get legal help from our lawyers in this regard. They will start the procedure of debt collection amicably. In case this method does not bring any positive results, our attorneys will further represent you in the court.