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Family Reunion Visa in Mexico

Family Reunion Visa in Mexico

A temporary or permanent resident visa for family unity, often known as a Mexico family visa, is required if you are a foreign person who wishes to join a family member in Mexico. The nationality of your family member and your relationship with them determine whether you are granted permanent or temporary residency in Mexico based on family unity. The person who already has a temporary/permanent resident card is the main applicant. During the visa application process, the main applicant must accompany the dependents. If the petitioner is already in Mexico, the application must be submitted to the National Immigration Institute (INM).

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Necessary documents for family reunion visa in Mexico

The following are the conditions and documentation that must be submitted to receive a family reunion visa in Mexico:

  • Original passport with a six-month validity period and a photocopy of the first page;
  • If the applicant is of a different nationality, proof of lawful residence is required;
  • A current passport-sized photo with a white background;
  • Apostilled original and photocopy of marriage certificate;
  • Photocopy of the main applicant’s temporary resident card;
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport;
  • The applicant’s employment letter;
  • The applicant’s pay stubs (last six months);
  • Original bank statement of the applicant (last 12 months);

You can get in touch with our lawyers in Mexico if you have any ambiguities while applying as the main applicant. Also find below the requirements for children:

  • Original passport with a six-month validity period and a photocopy of the first page;
  • If the applicant is of a different nationality, proof of lawful residence is required;
  • Completed application form;
  • A recent passport photo with a white background;
  • Apostilled original and photocopy of the birth certificate;
  • The original passport of both parents, as well as a photocopy of the first page.

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Requirements for obtaining a Mexico family visa 

Please note that the applicant’s presence is required for the biometric process and interview. Depending on the circumstances, the consular section may request other kinds of verification. Although having a Mexican visa allows you to travel to the country, your entry into Mexican territory is subject to the final judgment of the country’s Immigration and Health Authorities. You must submit all documents in either English or Spanish. If they are not, you will need to have them translated and provide the original as well as the translation. Before submitting any official documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.), they must be legalized, (through an Apostille or the nearest Mexican embassy).

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Duration and renewal of Mexico family visa

The length of time it takes to get a Mexico family visa varies depending on the embassy where you apply. However, you should anticipate waiting anywhere from a week to a month for your results. As a result, you should apply for a visa at least one month before your planned trip. The Mexico family visa cannot be renewed; however, the residence card for family units, which you acquire upon arriving, can be renewed. You can renew your temporary resident card for up to four years, after which you can apply for permanent residency. You do not need to renew your permanent resident card because it does not have an expiration date.

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If you are interested to apply for citizenship in Mexico, you should know that if you come from a northern environment, you may need some time to acclimatize to Mexico’s climate. The weather is stable throughout the year. There will be no frigid winters or massive snowdrifts to contend with. If you love hot and dry weather, the northern half of the nation is ideal. That means you have the perfect opportunity to begin learning about the unique history of Mexican culture anytime you have some free time.

Cost for visas in Mexico

Please find below the fee for resident card and family reunion visa in Mexico:

  • The Mexico visa fee, which you must pay at the Mexican embassy, is approximately US$36; however, it varies by embassy and payment method;
  • A resident card costs between 3,000 and 7,000 Mexican Pesos, depending on the number of years it is valid for.

Contact our lawyers if you want to apply for a family reunion visa in Mexico. Our Mexican lawyers can provide you with comprehensive assistance in this regard. Our specialists can provide you with comprehensive assistance in this regard. If you are planning to apply for residency in Mexico, keep in mind, you can stay in the nation for up to four years after obtaining a temporary resident visa. You cannot work while on this visa unless you seek work authorization. You must also supply an offer letter indicating that you have previously accepted a position. You can qualify for temporary residence by demonstrating your financial capacity to sustain yourself while residing in Mexico. This covers the expense of lodging, meals, and so on.

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