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Citizenship by Descent in Mexico

Citizenship by Descent in Mexico

There are numerous advantages to obtaining citizenship by descent in Mexico. Being a Mexican citizen permits you to vote in elections and significantly influence the country’s politics. Furthermore, you are not subject to deportation. Like any other Mexican national, being a citizen gives you access to all of the privileges that come with legal citizenship. Citizenship in Mexico can be obtained through birth or an application process. A person who has at least one Mexican parent can become a citizen by using that parent’s birth certificate. 

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Conditions for obtaining citizenship by descent

You will still be regarded as a naturalized Mexican citizen if your parents (or single parent) are citizens of this country, but you were born outside of the nation. You must have resided in Mexico for a year as a temporary or permanent resident. Here are some requirements that you need to fulfil in order to obtain citizenship by descent in Mexico:

  • You are required to enter personal information such as your address, any property you own, and your family, among other things;
  • Several official documentations proving your identification and residency will be required. Ensure you have your residency card, birth certificate from another country, and passport from another country. You should also make two copies of each document you bring in;
  • Provide a copy of your permanent residency card, and a bill with your current address;
  • You will need to keep track of all the times you have left and returned to Mexico in the last two years;
  • To establish that you have no criminal history, you will need a federal and state “Carta de antecedentes no penales.” You will need to go to your local police station in Mexico and the police headquarters in Mexico City to accomplish this.

You may be required to bring proof of your eligibility in addition to documents establishing your identity and residence. Examine the eligibility requirements and, if necessary, bring in further documentation. Additional paperwork that may be required includes a marriage certificate and birth certificates for both parents to pursue the application process for citizenship by descent in Mexico.

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Application process for Mexico citizenship by descent

If you are in Mexico, you will submit your documents to the secretary of the foreign affairs office, either by email or in-person, get in touch with them to find out which option is best. If you are not in Mexico, take those documents to the nearest Mexican embassy or consulate. Call ahead to check whether an appointment is necessary or if the forms may be dropped off. The government may take a year or more to review your forms after you submit them. You will be invited to take an exam testing your knowledge of the Spanish language as well as Mexico’s history and culture near the end of the application process. This test includes multiple-choice questions as well as a reading comprehension portion to assess your language skills. After passing your citizenship test, you will be requested to pay a fee of around 1400 pesos, which is the final stage in the process. You will be notified that your paperwork has been cleared and that you are now a Mexican citizen. The method may take a year or more, so be patient.

If you have any further questions regarding citizenship by descent in Mexico, you can rely on the legal services of our lawyers. The seasoned lawyers at our law office in Mexico City can provide you with detailed answers in this regard. We can also advise if you are interested in immigration to Mexico through the investor visa. The seasoned immigration lawyers located at our law firm in Mexico can also guide you if you are interested to apply for citizenship in Mexico. Although there are certain administrative requirements to residing in Mexico, the visa policy enables you to remain for up to 180 days without trouble. A basic tourist visa is renewable if you cross the border and then return, allowing you an additional 180 days in the nation.

Does Mexico allow dual citizenship?

It all depends on your origins. Citizens of the United States and the United Kingdom, and most Europeans are permitted to hold dual citizenship. Nonetheless, many countries, particularly certain European ones, do not allow or recognize dual citizenship. Although dual citizenship is allowed in Mexico, nations that permit dual citizenship should have no difficulty obtaining both. 

You can interact with our experienced lawyers in Mexico if you want to know whether you are eligible for dual citizenship or not. They will help you obtain citizenship by descent in Mexico.  Some applicants may be able to get permanent residency via a Mexican consulate without previously obtaining temporary residency. This mostly pertains to consulates in the United States and Canada, and the choice is dependent on which one you pick. Most of the time, you must be retired and, of course, meet the financial conditions. If you want to learn more about the criteria, get in touch with our immigration lawyers. They can offer you comprehensive information about the application for a Mexican residency permit.

Immigration to Mexico is also possible if you marry a citizen of this country and live long enough to apply for citizenship.

Population projections for Mexico

As we get deeper into the twenty-first century, Mexico’s growth rate is likely to decline dramatically. Please find below the forecasted statistics related to the Mexico’s population:

  • By 2040, the present annual growth rate of 1.24 percent is predicted to be half of it;
  • According to projections, the population will reach 148 million in 2030.

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