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Obtain a Spouse Visa in Mexico

Obtain a Spouse Visa in Mexico

If you need legal assistance to apply for a spouse visa in Mexico, you can consult our lawyer. Our immigration lawyers in Mexico can help you with relocation. With their expert services, you can immigrate to Mexico on a marriage visa without unnecessary delays. 

Mexican spouse visa application

One must apply for a Mexican family visa if he/she wants to stay with family in this country for more than 180 days. You require a Mexican tourist/visitor visa if your trip to see your family member will only last less than 180 days. Your family member must first apply for authorization for a family reunion at the National Immigration Institute in Mexico before being granted a Mexican family visa.

Then, you must apply for a visa at the Mexican consulate that is closest to you. The residency card must be obtained at Mexico’s National Immigration Institute (Instituto Nacional de Migracion (INM) upon arrival if you intend to stay for more than 180 days, even though the visa is only an entry requirement. Our lawyers can provide you with comprehensive guidance about spouse visas in Mexico. In addition to assisting you with your marriage visa in Mexico, our lawyers can provide you with legal services if you are a company owner and looking for reliable accountant services. 

Step-by-step guide for Mexican spouse visa application

A Mexican family visa must be requested in person at a Mexican embassy in your nation. A member of your family must be present when you apply. The following is the application procedure for obtaining a spouse visa in Mexico:

  • To schedule a meeting, get in touch with a Mexican embassy. The lawyers at our law firm in Mexico can arrange a meeting for you;
  • The Mexican spouse visa application form must be finished. The application form can be found at the embassy itself or on the website;
  • Gather the necessary paperwork;
  • Pay the Mexican marriage visa fee and apply. You will provide your biometrics on the day of your visit, and you might also need to participate in an interview.

Get in touch with our lawyers if you have any concerns about the procedure for a marriage visa in Mexico. Also, if you are an American national, you can rely on the services of our lawyers if you want to immigrate to Mexico from US.

Can you apply for residency in Mexico on a spouse visa?

If your spouse or partner is already a resident or a citizen of Mexico, you may apply for residency. To apply, go to a regional Mexican immigration office. You may either enter Mexico as a tourist and then apply, or you can do both. In the latter scenario, unlike with other visas, you will not need to leave Mexico for a consulate interview, and the applicant’s spouse does not need to provide proof of financial stability. To learn more about residence permits in Mexico, please get in touch with our lawyers. 

Hence, if you have not already, you should travel to Mexico beforehand. Let’s now examine the prerequisites. First, go to your local immigration office with the following to apply:

  • Applicant’s passport;
  • Multiple Migratory Form (FMM), visitor identification card, or temporary resident identification card if you are a student;
  • Online immigration request form that must be completed and signed, with the help of our Mexican attorneys. Our immigration attorneys in Mexico can assist you in this regard;
  • Form for Data Protection (Forma de Tratamiento de Datos);
  • Official Mexican family member identification, current resident card, and resident’s passport;
  • You also require an apostilled or certified marriage certificate if you were not married in Mexico;
  • If the marriage certificate is not in Spanish, it ought to be translated as well. A legal translator with certification should complete the translation;
  • However, if you got married in Mexico, all you will need is your marriage certificate;
  • According to civil legislation, unmarried couples need a formal certificate establishing their relationship. It should specify that during the relevant time, you both lived together continuously and permanently as Mexican citizens or residents. 

If you are seeking legal assistance to immigrate to Mexico as a spouse, you can consult our lawyers. They can guide you in detail about the requirement of a spouse visa in Mexico. Besides a Mexican spouse visa, if you are interested to apply for citizenship in this country, our lawyers can assist you. They can offer you detailed information about how a citizenship application proceeds in Mexico. If you are wondering how to acquire citizenship in Mexico, one typical method is to apply based on residency. In this situation, you will need to demonstrate that you have lived in Mexico for at least five years and that you are familiar with the language and the culture. Please consult with our lawyers, they can guide you in detail on how to comply with all the requirements. 

Resident card and spouse visa fee in Mexico

Please find below the costs related to the resident card and spouse visa in Mexico:

  • The amount of the Mexico visa cost and the accepted methods of payment vary from embassy to embassy but typically it is US$36;
  • The cost of a Resident Card varies from US $150 to US 350 depending on how many years it is issued.

Contact our lawyers if you have any related questions about the spouse visa in Mexico. If your spouse is a citizen of Mexico, you are eligible to apply for a 2-year residence permit straight away. Later, permanent residence may be used in its replacement. And after three years, you may apply for citizenship. If you are a spouse of a Mexican national and planning to relocate to this country our lawyers can help you. They will assist you throughout the application and procedure of immigration to Mexico. After relocating to Mexico, if you plan to incorporate a company, you can get help from our attorneys. They will not only describe to you the related law but also help you to open a company in this country.