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Legal Services in Mexico

Legal Services in Mexico

Some of the legal services we provide in Mexico cover business setup, immigration, debt collection, and real estate acquisition. Our lawyers specialize in various areas of the law so that they can provide clients with an optimal approach when it comes to their needs and requests.

Below, we present how we can help you in all the matters presented above and more. Our lawyers in Mexico are at your disposal promptly.

Our legal solutions for clients all over the world

Our law firm in Mexico is made up of Spanish and English-speaking lawyers so that we can cater to the needs of every client that reaches us. The areas we can help you in, apart from the ones presented earlier are:

You can rely on us for personalized experience when it comes to the solutions we offer.

Immigration to Mexico – a wide variety of services at your fingertips

As simple as it may seem, moving to Mexico can be quite complex when you consider the following:

  • your country of origin;
  • the reason you want to relocate to Mexico;
  • if you have been to the country before or not;
  • if you meet the requirements to apply for the desired residence permit or you qualify for another option;
  • if you immigrate alone or with your family.

When you look at the picture this way, things may seem more complicated. In fact, it is just a matter of perception, as Mexican lawyers will help you understand and navigate all immigration requirements in the simplest way available.

Take the easy pathway and let us help you open your company

If you are thinking about setting up a business in Mexico for some time but did not take the time or have the courage to get started, wait no longer! Contact us and let us know about your plans. We can help you understand the legal requirements you need to meet for having any type of operation and the most suitable entity under which you can complete them.

With a power of attorney, our lawyers can do the following:

  • reserve the trading name for your company;
  • draft and notarize the incorporation documents;
  • file the papers with the Commercial Registrar;
  • register the business for taxation;
  • obtain a VAT number;
  • register for employment.

What we cannot complete entirely is the establishment of a business bank account for which your presence may be required at some point.

Our legal services in Mexico address both natural persons and companies, so we can also assist in setting up subsidiaries, branches and liaison offices on behalf of the latter.

Support in buying a property in Mexico

If you want to buy real estate in Mexico, you can definitely rely on our lawyers. From due diligence procedures to the actual completion of the transaction, our specialists will be by your side every step of the way for counseling or representation in the relation with the seller and authorities.

Litigation legal services in Mexico

Not knowing the legal proceedings when dealing with a dispute should not discourage you from taking action when you feel wronged. For this purpose, our attorneys in Mexico can help you:

  • recovering debts through amicable or court proceedings;
  • assistance in filing lawsuits in Civil Law cases, such as divorce, child custody, division of property, and other assets;
  • support in commercial litigation;
  • representation in employment disputes;
  • intellectual property-related litigation.

Our Mexican law firm can represent both natural persons and corporate clients in most types of litigation.

Contact us and find out how our legal services in Mexico can be of use to you! After reviewing your situation, our lawyers will propose an equitable solution.