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Immigrate to Mexico from Australia

Immigrate to Mexico from Australia

Australians are not required to obtain a visa for short-term immigration to Mexico is they remain in the country as a tourist for no more than 180 days. During this time, they cannot engage in remunerated work and they cannot attempt to search for employment opportunities while in the country simply as a tourist.

In order to immigrate to Mexico from Australia, an applicant needs to obtain a residence permit, which can then be extended, according to a particular purpose of stay, such as employment or investment as well as family reunification, if applicable.

Our law office in Mexico specializes in many different areas of law, with a focus on immigration. Our English-speaking team has worked with foreign nationals with different backgrounds who were ready to apply for residence in Mexico or who were looking for business opportunities and required a proper visa for this purpose. Depending on your motive for the prolonged stay, our team will prepare you for the process ahead. We will give you details about the application requirements as well as the first steps you will need to take once you arrive in Mexico.

In this article we touch on some of the most important requirements for those who immigrate to Mexico from Australia. However, some of your questions may not be covered here. Please keep in mind that personalized information is provided upon request by our attorneys in Mexico and we strongly encourage you to reach out to us for more details as the data herein are provided for informational purposes only.

What are the types of visas available for Australian residents?

Visas are issued for visiting purposes, not for permanent immigration to Mexico. It is important to note that holders of visitor visas are not permitted to engage in employment of any sort, and they cannot search for employment while in Mexico. Likewise, holders of student visas or a temporary residence visa cannot work during the validity of their documents. However, temporary residence visa holders are allowed to look for employment opportunities and, should they success, the company that has offered employment will initiate the process of applying for a work permit.

Our Mexican lawyers can help answer more questions, as per your unique situation. Below, we briefly list the main types of visas:

  • Permanent resident visa:
  • Temporary resident visa with a work permit;
  • Temporary resident visa for students;
  • Temporary resident visa;
  • Diplomatic/official visa.

Feel free to address our immigration lawyers in Mexico for information on the types of visas available. If you are moving to Mexico as a student, you should know this information. Students may apply for a transit, tourist, or business visa if their stay in Mexico is fewer than 180 days. For educational programs lasting more than 180 days, a student temporary residence visa is required. Students who enroll in classes or conduct research through higher education institutions in Mexico must show proof of financial stability, such as their acceptance of a Mexican scholarship, along with their acceptance letter.

What is the general visa application process?

Once you have chosen the type of visa that suits your needs, our team of attorneys in Mexico can help you throughout the application process. Making an appointment with the Mexican Embassy is the first step, followed by gathering the needed documents (passport, application form and supporting documents) and finally presenting to the Embassy for submitting the documents and offering biometric data. In most cases, the visa issuing time is approximately 5 days from the consular interview.

The following fees are set by the Embassy:

  • $60: for a visitor, temporary resident, permanent resident, or temporary resident student visa;
  • $344: for a work visitor visa, less than 180 days; our team can give you more details as needed;
  • $190: for a power of attorney for a natural person, drawn up by the Mexican Embassy in Australia;
  • $481: for a public will for foreign nationals also provided within the notary services offered by the Embassy.

The consular fees are updated regularly, and we advise you to reach out to our immigration lawyers in Mexico for information on the current practiced fees. Besides relocation to Mexico, our lawyers can also assist you with other events. The procedure for obtaining Mexican citizenship or naturalization is simple. If you are a long-term resident or have family in the country, you should think about it. As is customary, you must meet their requirements and provide the necessary documentation to the appropriate authorities. Consult with our lawyers for their practical assistance.

How is citizenship obtained in Mexico?

Applying for Mexican citizenship is possible if the individual has lived in the country for a minimum set amount of time and if he or she also complies with other conditions. Naturalization in Mexico is a minimum of 5 years, during which Australian citizens are expected to remain in the country (for a certain number of days in a given year) and maintain a valid permanent residence permit. Those who are married to a Mexican citizen or have a child born in Mexico are subject to a reduced period of two years. All applicants are also subject to other conditions.

Understanding the current immigration policies set forth by the Mexican Government is important in order to be able to obtain permanent residency as well as citizenship, if applicable in your case.

Contact our law office in Mexico for tailored legal services related to immigration. We know that moving to a new country can be difficult, even given the new business or employment opportunities. Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide needed legal assistance so that your transition can be as seamless as possible. Besides assisting you with immigration to Mexico from Australia, our lawyers can also assist you with other matters. For instance; if you are planning to apply for a residence permit in Mexico, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. If you want to move to this country, the first thing you should do is not go to Mexico. Before you board a plane, you must apply for a residence visa to the country at your home country’s Mexican embassy. This is true even if you do not require a visa to visit Mexico as a tourist. Residency matter is different.