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Immigrate to Mexico from UK

Immigrate to Mexico from UK

UK nationals who wish to enter Mexico for a limited period, up to 180 days, do not need a visa, however, for work and other long-term purposes they are required to apply for a visa that suits their needs before they enter the country.

According to the length of the stay, British nationals in Mexico can have the status of the visitor, temporary resident, or permanent resident. The latter is the usual status acquired by those who wish to immigrate to Mexico from the UK.

There are many reasons why British citizens are deciding to move to Mexico from the UK. There you can enjoy magnificent cultural diversity, in addition to exceptional tourist sites that are recognized around the world. But it seems that this North American country is not only a tourist destination par excellence. In fact, in the last few years, the migratory boom to Mexico has increased considerably.

Many people consider that living in Mexico represents one of their best immigration options. Perhaps the reason is that nowadays Mexico is an economically stable country, compared to other Latin American nations.

The immigration experts at our law firm in Mexico can assist all foreign nationals who are interested in coming to the country for temporary residence, be it for employment, study or to reunite with a family member.

If you are considering migrating to Mexico, you need to know all the information you are going to find in the following lines. It will be very useful.

Residing in Mexico

Foreign nationals can reside in Mexico for a number of reasons:

  • Work: undertaking remunerated lucrative activities with a Mexican company or institution; highly qualified employees or technical workers can also obtain a visa;
  • Study: foreign nationals admitted to a University, such as The National Autonomous University of Mexico;
  • Family member: a UK national can come to the country as a family member of a foreign national with temporary or permanent resident status;
  • Retirement: British nationals who can prove that they have sufficient income may obtain a retirement temporary resident visa;
  • Economic stability: Mexico, unlike other Latin American countries, has been characterized by sustained economic development in recent years.
  • Great market for investment: this country has more commercial opportunities than other countries in the region and this makes it particularly attractive for UK investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Low cost of living: Life in this country is not expensive. Living in Mexico is much cheaper compared to other countries, which is why many foreigners migrate here.
  • Others: under certain conditions, investors in real estate or other forms of investment (subject to conditions) can obtain temporary residence rights.

In order to immigrate to Mexico from the UK, British nationals will need to apply for the relevant type of permit with the Consular Section in London. Our team of attorneys in Mexico can help coordinate the application process and will provide you with needed information about all of the needed documents, according to the purpose of the temporary stay.

The temporary residence permit is renewed with the National Institute of Immigration within 30 days of the inscribed expiry date.

After five years as a temporary resident in Mexico, provided that they have renewed their temporary residence permits as needed, UK nationals can apply for the permanent resident status.

Documents needed to immigrate to Mexico from the UK

The list of documents required by those who wish to apply for a temporary residence permit includes standard items, such as the valid passport, as well as permit-specific ones that depend on the chosen motive for the temporary stay.

Our lawyers in Mexico can provide those interested with a personalized list according to their stay. Below, we highlight the steps required for British nationals who wish to apply for a work visa:

  1. Make the application for the entry permit: this is submitted by the employer with the National Institute of Immigration;
  2. Receive the notification: the Consulate receives the notification from the National Institute of Immigration in Mexico that the entry permit can be collected in person from the Consulate;
  3. Prepare the documents: the filled-in application form, the valid passport, a passport-size photograph, and proof of payment of Consular fees;
  4. Wait for the visa: the usual processing time is two days if all the documents are in order.

The visa allows for one entry in Mexico and upon arrival, the holder is expected to exchange it for the Temporary Resident Card. He will also pay the migratory fees (in pesos) at the National Institute of Migration.

As you can imagine, there are several options to consider when it comes to visas in Mexico. All of them have particularities that you need to know in order to make the right decision when emigrating, so we will review the main visas.

Types of residence visas in Mexico

One of the first things to think about when it comes to resettling in Mexico is the different types of visas that someone from the UK can apply for to stay longer than 180 days. Luckily this jurisdiction has several options to suit different types of people.

These are the types of residency visas for those who are going to immigrate to Mexico:

  1. Resident Visa: is the choice made by most foreigners residing in Mexico. To qualify for this visa it is necessary that you are not earning money inside Mexico and you need to prove that you have means to sustain your stay.
  2. Worker Visa: this is suitable for those who move to Mexico because a company has hired them. 
  3. Student visa: this visa is only necessary if you are going to study in Mexico for a period longer than 180 days.
  4. Retirement visa: it has a duration of 4 years and to obtain it you must buy a Mexican property for more than £180820, although you can also be eligible by demonstrating a monthly income of £1,157 and having a bank balance of more than £17,358 during the last 12 months.

Each case is different, and if you are thinking of moving to Mexico there are several options to choose from, so make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision according to your needs and your particular conditions.

A good team of Mexican lawyers will be able to guide you in determining which type of visa is best for your particular needs. Besides offering you legal assistance regarding immigration to Mexico from UK, you can also get in touch with our lawyers for other services. For instance; the services of our lawyers are at your disposal if you are planning to apply for citizenship in Mexico. Please keep in mind before applying that you must have had a legal residency in Mexico for at least five years prior to the application date. If you have a Mexican spouse or child, this requirement is reduced to two years.

Taxes you must pay if you decide to relocate to Mexico

At the moment you are thinking about settling down in Mexico you will need to keep in mind that there are taxes that you will inevitably start paying in this country. And although each individual’s tax reality depends on his or her economic activity, there are some generalities that are worth knowing.

Although Mexico is not necessarily a tax-friendly country, taxes here are not the most expensive you will find.

The most important tax you should be aware of is the tax you must pay on your personal income.

If you generate income of any kind you will have to pay this tax in Mexico. This includes money you generate from sources such as interest on bank accounts, pensions, your business, real estate rentals, working as an employee.

Of course, there are other taxes in Mexico to which you will be subject, however, it is best to consult with attorneys who can give you first-hand information that is relevant to your plans in the country.

Our team of lawyers in Mexico has helped several people migrating from the UK to Mexico to familiarize themselves with the taxes of this country so that they can enjoy their new home without worrying about anything.

Assistance for those who immigrate to Mexico from the UK

Our law office in Mexico offers assistance to those who are interested in obtaining other types of temporary residence permits. You can reach out to us prior to contacting the Mexican authorities or as soon as you need to find out more about the process, Our English-speaking team is ready to provide complete services to all those interested.

We can help those interested from the earliest stages of preparing their visa application. We can also advise on the documents that they need to prepare and when to purchase the plane tickets, so that they may avoid the situation in which the Consular Section does not receive the entry permit from the National Institute of Immigration.

Some examples of fees required when one applies for visas in Mexico are listed below:

  • 30.60£: the fee for the visas issued by the Mexican Consulate;
  • 176.70£: the applicable fee for the work visitor, valid for up to 180 days;
  • 35.95£: the issuance of a marriage certificate.

All fees are payable in cash or postal orders. Credit and debit cards are not accepted.

Please note that these fees can be subject to change. Our attorneys in Mexico can provide you with updated information.

There is no doubt that Mexico is a very attractive country for British citizens, with friendly and receptive people. The economic opportunities it holds are impressive and its low cost of living makes it an ideal destination to live.

Having clarity on this issue can make the difference between having a smooth stay in Mexico or going through a lot of headaches dealing with the tax authorities. 

If you decide to emigrate to Mexico, as you will have noticed, you should plan your trip and stay very, very well. Mexico is a country with a rich cultural heritage and one that promises to provide a very different and exciting experience to British nationals who choose to relocate here.

Contact our lawyers in Mexico for more helpful information and consultations if you wish to immigrate to Mexico from the UK.  Furthermore, if you are planning to apply for residency in Mexico, get in touch with our lawyers. If you intend to stay in Mexico for more than 180 days, you should apply for residency. The two types of residence are permanent and temporary. Depending on your circumstances and reasons for moving to Mexico, only one of these may apply to you. To begin either process, an appointment must be made at a Mexican consulate. The consulate will be located in your home country or another convenient location.