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Law Firm in Mexico

We are a law office in Mexico specialized in several legal areas, from company law to immigration law. Some of our main legal services are:

  • company formation assistance;
  • debt collection;
  • tax advice;
  • immigration services.

Our team of Mexican lawyers is ready to help clients resolve any legal issue they may deal with. If you are planning to open a company in Mexico, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers. They can provide you with comprehensive details on the regulations and obligations of the Mexican companies. They can also provide you with legal assistance if you want to apply for related business licenses and permits. 

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance offered by our law firm in Mexico 

Business lawsuits including shareholder and director conflicts as well as other contract violations

Company formation
in Mexico

Legal help during company registration as per the selected business form, obtaining the necessary business licenses and permits


Regulatory matters, loan and security paperwork, special legal assistance for banks 

Drafting employment agreements, employee termination, assistance in labor litigations

International investments in Mexico Legal services for mergers and acquisitions, branches, subsidiaries or franchises
Tax matters

Legal guidance from our lawyers in Mexico to help you in tax compliance, VAT and EORI registration 


Assistance during the insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings including helping creditors 

 Intellectual property Trademark registration services, assistance in copyright infringement cases, and IP rights issues, etc.
Debt recovery services  Debt recovery services offered by our lawyers in Mexico and, if needed, initiating the court debt collection procedure
Real estate issues Commercial and residential property sale and purchase for corporate investors, due diligence services,
ownership transfer 
 Residential conveyancing  Legal services offered by our lawyers in Mexico for individuals who purchase or sell residential property
Individual employment  Unfair firing, disciplinary measures, workplace discrimination, etc
Civil litigation assisted
by our experts 
Assistance and representation in civil law cases
Divorce and family law  Divorce applications, child maintenance and custody, adoption and surrogacy, property distribution 
Immigration in Mexico Applications for a work permit or for other different visa types, applications for Mexican citizenship 

Types of companies to be incorporated with the help of our lawyer in Mexico

Limited liability companies, joint stock companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and branches are the important business entities which can be established by foreign investors in Mexico. Each of them is subject to several rules and conditions for which we are at your disposal with complete legal assistance. As a NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) member, Mexico allows foreigners to have 100% ownership, plus several business benefits. The following aspects are related to business formation in Mexico:

  • at least two shareholders need to form a company in Mexico;
  • a legal representative and a board of managers are necessary for your firm in Mexico;
  • the annual shareholders’ meetings are mandatory for companies in Mexico;
  • the approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is necessary before commencing the activities.

The Foreign Investment Law in Mexico has been created with the idea of allowing foreigners to easily set up their operations in this country. Being the 15th biggest economy in the world, Mexico offers a stable and appealing business environment for both local and foreign investors in a wide range of thriving industries. If you are a foreign entrepreneur interested in starting a business in Mexico, we suggest you contact our lawyers in Mexico and find out complete information on how to start a business in this country. Their detailed guidance on the structure and liabilities of companies will help you choose an appropriate company type for carrying out your business. 

Licenses and permits in Mexico

Most of the activities in Mexico are operated under special licenses and permits. There are some professions for which you need to ask for approvals in Mexico (e.g. architects, engineers, etc.). It is strongly advisable to have a Mexican law firm at your disposal for a better understanding of how business is done. In case you need legal services in another country, we can put you in contact with our partners – LawyersEstonia.com.

Immigrate to Mexico with the help of our lawyers

The General Law of Population of Mexico spells forth foreigners’ rights and responsibilities, as well as the various immigration statuses. Non-immigrant and immigrant permits are the two most common types of immigration permits. Non-immigrant permits are issued to those who want to visit Mexico for a limited amount of time and then leave. Immigrant permits are issued to persons who want to live in Mexico permanently.

You must apply for your visa(s) in person, but you may appoint a representative to assist you with scheduling appointments, paperwork, and filing. For this purpose, you can get in touch with our experienced Mexican lawyers. They will provide you with legal representation as well as important information about immigration to Mexico. This comprehensive assistance can help you to avoid any unnecessary delays in your relocation process.  Our immigration attorneys in Mexico are at your disposal.

Types of visas available in Mexico

Depending on the length of your stay in Mexico, there are three basic types of visas available:

1. Tourist visas: They are available for stays of up to 180 days in Mexico. They are provided to foreign citizens who wish to enter Mexico for tourism, business, a visit, or any other non-work-related purpose.

2. Temporary resident visa: It is granted to foreigners who wish to stay in Mexico for a period of six months to four years. Some types of temporary residence visas are:

  • Student visa;
  • Work visa;
  • Family visas can also be obtained by those interested in immigration to Mexico on a long-term.

If you want to obtain a temporary resident visa in Mexico, you can get legal assistance from our immigration lawyers in Mexico.

3. Permanent resident visa: Foreign nationals who seek to live in Mexico permanently are granted a permanent resident visa. This form of visa is most commonly used by retirees who plan to live independently in Mexico, which is why it is also known as a Mexico retirement visa. Foreigners having close familial links to Mexico, as well as individuals who have resided in this country as temporary residents for at least four years, may apply for permanent residency.

If you are interested in obtaining residency in Mexico, you are welcome to interact with our skilled lawyers. Our skilled immigration attorneys in Mexico City will provide you with detailed assistance regarding your residency application and also help you to comply with the criteria necessary for obtaining residency in this country. Here is some general information about the criteria for acquiring a residence permit in Mexico. For instance; if you meet one of the following requirements, you can settle in Mexico. If you start studying at a Mexican educational institution, have established close family ties there, have a work offer, want to retire in this country, and have accumulated at least four years of temporary residency, then you are now eligible for permanent residence.

Mexico visa processing time

The time it takes to get a Mexican visa varies depending on which embassy you apply to. Some visas can be processed in as little as two days, while others might take up to four weeks. To find out how long it will take to process your visa, go to the website of the Mexico embassy where you will apply or call them. This is because not all embassies operate at the same speed; one may process your visa in two working days, while another may take ten. As a result, several embassies advise that you plan your appointment at least four weeks ahead of time. Our Mexican lawyers can take care of your visa appointment. So, you can get in touch with our lawyers if you are planning to immigrate to Mexico. They can take care of your visa application. With the legal assistance of our immigration lawyers, you can learn about the different types of visas offered by the Mexican government. From those visas, our lawyers can help you select a visa suitable for your travel purposes. 

Get Mexico citizenship with the assistance of our lawyers

The procedure of gaining Mexican citizenship or naturalization is rather simple. If you are a long-term resident or have relatives in the region, you might want to think about it. To apply, you must be able to show that you have lived in Mexico legally for at least five years before applying for citizenship. If you have a Mexican spouse or children, this requirement is reduced to two years.

Furthermore, you must not spent more than 180 days outside of Mexico in the two years before your application. Finally, after you have filed for Mexican citizenship, you will not be eligible for consular protection from your country while in Mexico. As is standard, you must satisfy their criteria and provide the authorities with the proper papers (SRE – External Relations Secretariat). As a Mexican citizen, you will have the same rights and advantages as your fellow citizens. These include the right to vote and the right to own land along the state’s boundary. If you are interested in immigration to Mexico, do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialists.

You can interact with our lawyers in Mexico City if you are planning to apply for Mexico citizenship. They will provide you with detailed legal help in the whole process of acquiring Mexican citizenship.

There are several significant distinctions to consider while choosing between applying for and maintaining permanent residency in Mexico versus becoming a citizen. You should have clear information about this difference if you are considering applying for citizenship in Mexico. Get in touch with our lawyers in Mexico for comprehensive information about acquiring citizenship in this country.

Tax advice for foreigners in Mexico

The complex tax structure in Mexico can be a problem for those who are first-time business owners in this country. We can help you understand how companies are levied in Mexico, and more than that, our attorney can supervise the tax registration process of your business.

Legal help from our Mexican lawyers in company litigation

Business disputes may intervene in your way of managing the company in Mexico. The litigation cases in which Mexican companies are involved can be legally managed by our team of lawyers in Mexico. We have experience in corporate and commercial laws in this state.

Business management in Mexico

Running a business in a foreign country may be sometimes challenging. The rules and regulations for managing a business in Mexico can be explained by our team of advisors who can help foreigners organize and control their operations in an efficient manner. 

We invite you to contact our law firm in Mexico and find out complete information on how to invest in this state. We can provide you with a personalized offer in a accordance with your business needs.