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Types of Visas in Mexico

Types of Visas in Mexico

To enter Mexico, you are required to obtain a visa. The types of visas for Mexico vary as per the purpose of travel to this country. However, Mexican authorities offer various exceptions when it comes to visa procedures. For instance, you do not need to apply for a Mexican visa if you already have a valid Schengen visa or a valid visa for the United States, Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, Mexico also provides an exception to the individuals who have resident permits issued by certain countries. If you want to know whether you need to apply for a Mexican visa or not, you can get in touch with our experienced lawyers. The lawyers at our law office in Mexico will provide you with comprehensive guidance in this regard.

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Mexico visa types

Please find below the different types of visas for Mexico:

1.Mexico tourist visa

Among all the Mexico visa types, the first one is a tourist visa. People from eligible countries can apply for a tourist visa at their nearest Mexican embassy or consulate. As per the application form, you are required to submit the following information:

  • Email address, residential address, and a phone number;
  • Current profession;
  • Marital status;
  • Birthplace;
  • Passport details, including place and date of issue, expiration, and passport number;
  • Details of previous trips to Mexico (if any);
  • Purpose of visit to Mexico;
  • Criminal record (if applicable);
  • Bank statement of past three months.

If you need more details about the types of visas in Mexico, you can interact with our lawyers. Our seasoned lawyers in Mexico City will provide you with detailed information in this regard.

2.Mexico visitor visa

Among all Mexico visa types, a visit visa is also offered by the authorities of this country. If you intend to visit Mexico for a short period, you can apply for a visit visa, which allows you to stay up to 180 days to carry out unpaid activities. Please keep in mind; you cannot extend a Mexican visit visa after its expiry. You need to apply in person, and the related authorities will make sure that your activities in Mexico will not receive monetary earnings at all. You are required to provide:

  • An application form filled out correctly;
  • Passport valid for at least six months;
  • Evidence of financial means.

You can acquire the assistance of our lawyers if you want to apply for a visit visa.

3.Mexico business visa

As the authorities offer different types of visas forMexico, for the types mentioned above, you are not allowed to involve in any business activities. Still, under a business visa, you are allowed to do so. If you have a Mexico business visa, you are allowed to participate in business meetings and conferences; you may need to provide:

  • An invitation letter from a Mexican entity;
  • Proof of the financial solvency of the organization;
  • Evidence of your professional skills and expertise.

If you need more detail about the other Mexico visa types, including electronic visa, work visa, temporary resident visa, resident visa, or transit visa, you can get in touch with our lawyers. Our knowledgeable Mexican lawyers will provide all the details about these types. Furthermore, they will also help you select the appropriate visa type that suits your purpose of travel to Mexico. The Permanent Resident Visa is for foreign nationals who intend to remain permanently in Mexico and does not require renewals. This visa has the advantage that legal residents may be treated as citizens when they desire to make investments following Mexican law regarding foreign investment. Individuals who have strong family links to Mexico or retirees are the ones who use this visa the most. If you want to move to Mexico, and apply for this visa, get in touch with our immigration attorneys.

Immigration statistics in Mexico

Due to the availability of different Mexico visa types, people tend to relocate to this country, which consequently is increasing the statistics of immigrants in this country; please find below the immigration statistics in Mexico from (2005-2015):

  • In 2005, the number of immigrants recorded in Mexico was 712,487.00;
  • In 2010, the number of immigrants raised to 969,538.00;
  • In 2015, the number of immigrants was 1,193,155.00.

Contact our law firm in Mexico if you want any information on Mexican visas. Besides information, our lawyers can also help you in the thorough application process. There are three main visa categories in Mexico: tourist, temporary residence, and permanent residence. Each type of visa has a particular set of conditions for eligibility. If you are looking to get a residence permit in Mexico, our lawyers can help you apply for a suitable visa for that. Get in touch with our immigration lawyers for details.

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