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Immigrate to Mexico from Russia

Immigrate to Mexico from Russia

If you want to immigrate to Mexico from Russia, it is recommended to get in touch with our lawyers. Our immigration lawyers in Mexico City can provide you with practical legal assistance to help you in relocation. 

Mexican e-visa for Russians

At a Mexican embassy, you can apply for a visa if you are planning to execute your plan to immigrate to Mexico from Russia. However, for a short-term visit, you might be able to obtain a Mexican tourist visa online through the Electronic Travel Authorization. A Mexico Electronic Authorization System is a component of the New Mexico visa policy that enables citizens of Russia to visit this country for up to 180 days without obtaining a visa from the relevant embassy. Please keep in mind that visitors entering the country under the New Mexico visa rules are not permitted to engage in any kind of paid work. If you want to move to Mexico from Russia for 6 months, you can get in touch with our immigration lawyers. Our Mexican lawyers can provide you with information regarding under which circumstances you can move to Mexico from Russia.

The rights and responsibilities of foreigners as well as the various immigration categories are outlined in Mexico’s General Law of Population. So, if you are planning to immigrate to Mexico from Russia, you can consult with our lawyers. Their legal but simple way of understanding can help you comply with the regulations in this country.  

Other types of visas in Mexico

Depending on how long you plan to relocate to Mexico from Russia, there are three primary categories of visas:

  • Tourist visa: It is for individuals who want to relocate to Mexico from Russia for stays of up to 180 days. Foreign nationals with visa requirements who desire to travel, conduct business, visit, or enter Mexico for any other reason other than employment are granted a tourist visa;
  • Temporary resident visa: Individuals who wish to immigrate to Mexico from Russia for a term longer than 6 months but less than 4 years are granted a temporary resident visa. The following are the categories of a temporary resident visa:
    • Student visa;
    • Work visa;
    • Family visa;
  • Permanent resident visa: Individuals to want to immigrate to Mexico from Russia are granted a Mexico permanent resident visa. This form of visa, also known as a Mexico retirement visa, is most frequently granted to retirees who plan to live in this country with their means of support. Mexican permanent residency is also open to foreigners with close familial ties to the country and those who have been temporary residents for at least four years.

If you want to immigrate to Mexico from Russia permanently, our lawyers can help you obtain a permanent resident visa. Furthermore, our Mexican lawyers can also assist you with your application when you apply for residency in Mexico. Temporary resident (residente temporal) and permanent resident (residente permanente) are the two categories of Mexican residence permits. These are legitimate visas that come with a passport sticker and subsequently a residency card. Both of them have minimal financial obligations that must be fulfilled. The procedure must be initiated at a Mexican consulate outside of Mexico for your initial resident visa (except in special circumstances).

Mexico visa fee

You must deliver the required paperwork to the Mexican embassy on the day of your appointment. The cost of a visa to Mexico is around $36. The cost of a visa, however, may vary based on the kind of visa you are looking for and the nation from where you submit your application. The manner of payment also varies from nation to nation because some may ask you to make an upfront bank payment while others only accept cash.

To execute your plan to immigrate to Mexico from Russia, you can get assistance from our law office in Mexico City. Furthermore, if you are interested in obtaining Mexican citizenship, our lawyers can also guide you in this regard. The Secretara de Relaciones Exteriores oversees the naturalization procedure for individuals who want to become a citizen of Mexico. You can get Mexican citizenship in a number of ways, such as by birth, adoption, marriage, or being descended from Mexican citizens. Depending on the path you pick. There may be various documents required and different residency restrictions to take into account.

Mexico immigration statistics 

The number of immigrants in this country is rising as a result of the availability of several Mexican visa kinds. The immigration statistics for Mexico from 2005–2015 are provided below:

  • In 2005, there were 712,487 immigrants in Mexico; 
  • By 2010, the immigrant’s number had increased to 969,538;
  • In 2015, the immigrant statistics had reached 1,193,155.00.

Please contact our law office in Mexico, as our attorneys can assist you with the complete process of immigration to Mexico from Russia. It is crucial to comply with the immigration regulations, any inconsistency may lead to the rejection of your application. So, it is advisable to always rely on professional individuals for carrying out such tasks. Our attorneys in Mexico will not only provide you with relocation information but they will also practically assist you. This legal assistance can save you time.

Furthermore, if you are planning to open a company in this country, you can avail of our lawyer’s services in this regard. They will also help you to obtain the necessary licenses for company regulations.