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Immigrate to Mexico from New Zealand

Immigrate to Mexico from New Zealand

The availability of visas and residence permits for those who want to immigrate to Mexico from New Zealand is generous. From residence permits issued for study and employment and investor visas, one can choose the suitable pathway in accordance with his or her plans.

If you need assistance in moving here from New Zealand, our Mexican lawyers explain below the main options you can choose from. We will be able to assist you based on your skills and needs.

Types of visas available for people who relocate to Mexico from New Zealand

The authorities provide for generic and personalized options when it comes to immigration to Mexico as a New Zealander. Part of the first category of visas are:

  • the visitor visa;
  • the student visa;
  • the temporary residence permit (available for various reasons for relocation) is often employed by persons who immigrate to Mexico from New Zealand.

The personalized option covers the Working Holiday Program between Mexico and New Zealand. This is a great choice for people who do not know if the country suits their permanent living style.

Our lawyers in Mexico can offer detailed information about all the types of residence and work permits New Zealand citizens can obtain.

Temporary residency, a great way to move to Mexico from New Zealand

One of the main advantages of immigrating to Mexico from New Zealand is that there is no need for a visa if one plans to stay here less than 180 days in a calendar year. For extended periods, the temporary residency is recommended.

To apply for a Mexican residence permit for a temporary stay, a New Zealander must meet a number of requirements.  The validity of such a visa is one year, but if one continues to meet the issuance conditions, it can be renewed annually for 3 years more.

Getting a temporary resident visa has several advantages, such as allowing one to establish a bank account. However, employment is not allowed for those who immigrate to Mexico from New Zealand under this type of permit. This is why, before making a choice, you can consult with our law office in Mexico City.

How to immigrate to Mexico from New Zealand under the Working Holiday Program

The first step in relocating to Mexico from New Zealand for a year, both for work and vacation, is to apply for a Working Holiday Visa.

The visa is issued together with a temporary resident card, which is valid for a year, by  the National Institute of Migration (INM) within 30 days of arriving in Mexico. However, one must be aged 18 to 30 to qualify for the program.

If you decide to use this program to emigrate from New Zealand, you can obtain more information on its specifics from our Mexican law firm.

How to obtain permanent residency in Mexico

The following are the several categories that allow New Zealand nationals who immigrate to Mexico to obtain permanent residency:

  • they are financially independent people who want to retire to Mexico;
  • they have close family members who are settled in Mexico;
  • they are married to Mexican citizens or permanent residents and have been temporary residents for at least 2 years;
  • through simple temporary residency after living in Mexico for a minimum period of 4 years.

You can rely on our lawyers in Mexico for support in applying for residency.

Why immigrate to Mexico as a New Zealander

There are various reasons for which one could decide to move to Mexico, however, some of the most important are:

  • after 5 years of living here, one could become eligible for Mexican citizenship;
  • with a Mexican passport, one can freely travel to more than 160 countries;
  • New Zealanders can relocate to this country if they purchase a property with a minimum value of USD 586,000.

If you need support to start your immigration application as a New Zealander, please contact our Mexican lawyers.